We’ve been making dairy free, vegan and refined sugar free gelato since 1986 - that’s right, for over 30 years!

We’re nuts about gelato! Making creamy, healthy, artisan diary free gelato that actually tastes delicious is kind of our obsession. And no, we don't use coconut cream/coconut milk! So there's no after taste unlike other dairy free gelatos. We use the finest nuts to make a smooth nut butter and make our gelatos with our house made nut butters. Oh and our gelatos are naturally sweetened with Brown rice syrup and dates so you can feel good about indulging too!

We literally wake up every morning with the intention of making the best creamy dairy free gelato. Over 30 years of researching, making, testing, tasting, more research and more tasting later, we’re incredibly proud to bring you what we think is the finest artisan dairy free (and coconut free!) gelato made from nuts that glides on your palette, is intense in flavour, doesn’t make you feel bad about indulging and earns you lots of brownie points from your dairy loving friends and family.