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Here are the reasons we do what we do. These are the specialty brands and the products that Foodies is proud to represent. It’s our honour roll of innovative producers who are committed to supporting local growers and farmers and, most importantly, to creating exciting food products. Click on a logo or name to explore our tasty line up.

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Serendipity is a family business which was started in 1966 by Sarah’s mother, Alix Mandelson. She started making her own ice cream at home because, at the time, the most exotic ice cream available in Sydney was Neapolitan – and was allergic to chocolate!

Alix was a pioneer of the gourmet ice cream market, making daring flavours such as Maple Walnut, Pistachio, and Rum & Raisin. These days, those flavours are considered standard, but they still make daring flavours to challenge the ice cream world and your taste buds. These flavours include Durian, Halva or Salted Palm Sugar ice creams… and Blood Orange, Gin & Tonic, or Passionfruit & Chilli sorbets. In fact, at any given time of the year, they keep over 100 flavours in stock.

The Serendipity Team & Sarah still make their products in small batches using artisan techniques and they use the best natural ingredients. The milk and cream are fresh from the pastures of northern NSW, the sugar comes from northern Queensland, freshly squeezed blood orange juice from Red Belly in Griffith, and they source as many of their premium ingredients as possible from local growers and producers. Of course there are some things that aren’t grown here (or aren’t up to scratch) so they use imported goodies like Belgian chocolate, Heilala vanilla beans from Tonga, and organic raspberries from Chile.

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Carême Pastry

Carême Pastry is a family run business specialising in making a range of high quality, ready-to-use pastry dough. Cereme Pastry are located in Tanunda in the beautiful Barossa Valley South Australia.

Carême began in 2005, their aim then, as it is today, is to provide home cooks and chefs with a range of handcrafted pastry, made using traditional methods from natural ingredients; free from additives, preservatives and colourings.

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Botegga Rotolo

The Bottega Rotolo team are committed to importing and the world’s best food and wine with a specific focus on European and Australian specialty products.

Every aspect of the Botegga Rotolo business has the primary aim of delivering the best product, ultimate service and education.

The Botegga Rotolo team aim to maintain the integrity of their products by using highly skilled staff and market educated distributors.

Botegga Rotolo specialise in premium imported and Australian wine, artisan cheese, extra-virgin olive oil, select vinegars, pasta, chocolate and much more.

The Bottega Rotolo importing department selects suppliers based on their commitment to quality and their passion for food and wine. The diversity of their products are underpinned by one philosophy… the celebration of good food and wine.


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