Welcome to Foodies Australia, home of Australia’s leading specialty food brands.

Foodies Australia is passionate about connecting Australian food producers with premium markets across New South Wales and the ACT. 

Established in 1992, Foodies Australia is recognised as a leader in the food distribution industry with a reputation built on knowledge, passion and exceptional service. With over 30 years experience, Foodies Australia has helped established many gourmet brands including Maggie Beer, Udder Delights, Tar10, Boscastle and Barossa Fine Foods to name a few.

Our role as a distributor is to bridge the gap between producer and consumer. Having worked closely with an array of different producers over 30 years, Foodies Australia is uniquely positioned to advise on consumer demands and market trends. With sales staff on-the-road throughout the eastern states and a dedicated customer service team our customers are our highest priority.

Our buyers include Australia’s major supermarkets, hamper companies, distributors, independent supermarkets, delis, fruit and vegetable specialists, grocery stores, department stores and online retailers.

Our producers are handpicked for their passion and commitment to using high quality, Australian ingredients.

If you’re interested in stocking our products or if you’re looking to launch your product into the market place we’d love to hear from you.

Ruth Nicholas
Owner / Founder

Ruth the original Foodie founded the Foodies Australia business in 2002. In conjunction with Australia’s most renowned premier food producers has successfully developed one of the markets most well respected food distribution businesses in Australia.
Ruth’s passion for quality food and food excellence has helped many of premier producers businesses in Australia.

Dave Hillen
Chief Executive Officer

Dave our new leader brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise from various manufacturing, sales management and agricultural food industries.
Dave brings a passion and knowledge of the food industry and plans to take Foodies Australia to the next chapter of its already successful journey.

Emma Wright
Business Development Manager

Emma our producers and suppliers main day to day Foodies contact works closely with producers to plan, market and develop their brands across the Foodies network and customers.
Emma shares the same Foodies passion for quality Australian produce and has a wealth of product knowledge and markets.

Steven Daniel
National Account Manager

Back to the Foodies team Steven has recently been appointed as Brand Manager for the Foodies team. Steven will work on special projects with the Foodies network and brings a depth of knowledge back to the Foodies team.

Jenny Day
Finance Manager

Jenny our diligent and meticulous finance manager manages all payroll and accounts payables. (Very important person).