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Riviera Bakery

is the latest addition to Foodies Family of premium quality products. 

Riviera Gluten free buns, popular Potato Buns and Brioche buns are produced in SA from local ingredients. 

The Riviera tradition of fine baking dates back to the 1960’s in the Italian town of Trieste where Luciano Triglau first learned the craft.

By 1968, Luciano had moved to Adelaide and found the growing European community missed the good quality style of breads they enjoyed back home.

So he began baking continental loaves and rolls in inner-city Adelaide and the Riviera Bakery tradition was born.

Blending his authentic Italian baking skills with new techniques, Luciano developed his own style of authentic, continental breads and rolls. 

From small beginnings and a limited range almost 40 years ago, it’s no longer just the Europeans enjoying these delicious rolls and breads.

For while Luciano and his family still own and operate Riviera Bakery, they now supply over 50 styles of superior continental breads and rolls for all South Australians to enjoy.













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